Volunteer Program

Ananda Ashram offers valuable opportunities for volunteers to deepen their spiritual practice through daily meditation, study and service in a beautiful, inspirational Ashram environment. Benefits include participation in morning and evening meditation programs with Yoga-Vedanta studies, Sanskrit and Yoga classes as well as cultural events. Contribution for overnight stay is reduced to about half of our regular guest rates. Generally, the Ashram can use help in kitchen, housekeeping and maintenance. Availability of the program is based on Ashram need.

Regular (Partial) Volunteers
With 3 hours per day or 18 hours per week of Ashram service and reduced rate for room and board

There are 2 options for volunteering: Short Term Extended (1-3 weeks) and Immersion Program (4 weeks).*
*needs application with references and approval by Management

Contribution Rates for Partial Volunteer Program
Dorm Single Shared Semi-Private Camping*
1 Week $265 $365 $310 $190
2 Weeks $375 $530 $450 $310
3 Weeks $525 $675 $575 $430

*No camping Nov. thru March

Note: There are no additional discounts on Volunteer Program rates. (Discounts on Guest Rates do not apply here.)

Full Time Live-In Position for Kitchen, Audio-Visual Department, and other areas of the Ashram
A full-time volunteer is needed to assist in the kitchen, audio-visual department, and other areas of the Ashram (depending on the talents of the applicant) in exchange for room and board. A small stipend may be available after 1 month or with an initial three month commitment. Some community living experience is helpful. Benefits include the Ashram core program: daily morning and evening meditation with Yoga-Vedanta studies, Hatha yoga and Sanskrit classes, plus cultural events. This is an invaluable Ashram experience for deepening one's spiritual practice. If you or someone you know is interested please contact anandaworkstudy@gmail.com.

*There are options for shorter stays of 4-7 days and also Full exchange (5 hours per day), with special permission, when there is a specific need for assistance in the Retreat Center Departments

For more information or to apply for our Volunteer Program, please contact anandaworkstudy@gmail.com.