Immersion Program

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"Meditation in Action"

The month-long Ashram Immersion program gives participants the opportunity to enter into a process of self inquiry, combined with yogic practice and discipline, in an inspirational Ashram environment.

Basic orientation and training in specific areas of service (usually in kitchen, household or maintenance) are provided by senior Ashram staff. “Meditation in Action” means to work with diligence, dedication and love as a service to all beings, while practicing awareness as the witnessing Self.

The spiritual-educational component of the program, taught by experienced Ashram teachers, consists of a combination of meditation, study of the holistic philosophy of Yoga-Vedanta, chanting, Sanskrit language and Hatha Yoga classes. Cultural programs and events are also included, and additional classes and workshops may be available depending on schedule.

Before committing for 4 weeks, we strongly recommend that applicants should first come and visit the Ashram as a guest, if at all possible. Availability of the program is based on Ashram need.


• Participants attend both morning & evening meditation programs and studies (approximately 1-1/2 hours each), plus one Hatha Yoga and/or Sanskrit class daily.

• Contribution of Ashram service is 3 hours per day with 1 day off per week.

Immersion Program Rates - 2023:
Please call the office to inquire about updated rates.

Note: There are no additional discounts on the Immersion Program Rate. (Discounts on Guest Rates do not apply.)

Application submission is recommended 30 days prior to projected arrival. Review requires 2 weeks.

For more information or to apply for the Ashram Immersion Program, please contact