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Sound Healing Workshop with Rev. Kim Lesley

Fri, Jan 01

2:30 - 3:30 PM Eastern Time

By Open Donation / Suggested: $20


Blending the sound of her voice and singing bowls, Rev. Kim Lesley creates an opening to deep meditation, to sounds and emotions coming from one's own soul, culminating in a release of energy and healing. This brings about a safe forum for Q & A. The topic this year is UNITE -- melting the illusion of separateness.
Note: Depending on the energy, this workshop may flow on longer than one hour.

Reverend Kim Lesley is a jazz singer, songwriter and percussionist who has been singing professionally for over 45 years, touring and recording with various international artists as well as her own band. Ordained at Saint John the Divine Cathedral in 2001, Reverend Kim Lesley is also an interfaith minister who has practiced her ministry in rehab centers in New York City incorporating spiritual counseling, prayer, music and healing meditation. She has done private spiritual counseling for 25 years and has been a singing teacher for 45 years. "I have traveled many paths, all with the knowledge that Guru is ever present. Even in the darkest moment there is faith, as the truth reveals itself in God’s will."