Positions Available

Ashram life teaches the blossoming of the individual so that we can adapt ourselves to any situation and any challenge of life. Our modern education is teaching us everything except how to prepare our life. This is the work of the Ashram.
-- Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

Ananda Peace Pole

Working as staff at the Ashram provides a wonderful opportunity for Self exploration in a truly unique environment, where we work, study and grow together. Discovering and understanding who we are is an ongoing process, and Ashram life allows all levels of being to be addressed: physical, mental and spiritual.

Your help is extremely valuable for the daily functioning and energy of the Ashram. However, Ashram work alone is not the purpose for being here. Participation in morning and evening meditation programs is very important as well. This is where you can absorb the teachings and meditative practices that will help you experience your own inner guiding light.

We ask our staff to bring a sincere, positive intention to every job. This will greatly support our ability to work in cooperation. Love should be the underlying motivation in our work. Maintaining and protecting Ashram atmosphere for the benefit of all should be the goal of every staff member.


Our seasonal and year-round positions require 32-35 hours per week of Ashram service and offer room and board, access to Ashram programs and facilities, and small stipends. Based on departmental needs, Management determines the placement of applicants according to their qualifications and experience.

Three-month or longer job opportunities in the following areas:
Grounds/Maintenance/Landscaping, Kitchen and Housekeeping.

For more information, please contact anandahumanresources@gmail.com.