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ONLINE WORKSHOP - Self-Care for Stress using the “Grassroots Ayurveda” according to Maya Tiwari with Paula Tepedino

Sat, May 02

1:00-2:30 PM

Tuition $20

This online workshop presented through a Zoom webinar will offer participants simple ways to manage stress while at home, using easy practices such as oiling of the feet/hands and scalp. Learning which oils are best for various conditions and doshas will be included, and you will get to practice while in the webinar. Pre-webinar handouts will have you prepared for the lesson.
You will also learn basic Chai (tea) making and the correct way to use a mortar and pestle for grinding aromatic, anti-oxidant, sweet and pungent spices to start your morning. We will all practice it while on the call and get to share our “twist on the recipe.” A question and answer period will be offered as well as a roundtable, checking in on how we are all doing.

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