Calendar of Events

Navaratri: Celebration of Devi, Cosmic Energy

Mon, Sep 26 to Wed, Oct 05

The nine days and nights of Navarātri are considered an important time for physical, mental and spiritual purification and transformation. Cosmic energy is personified and invoked here as Devī or Durgā, Mother of the universe, vanquishing in battle all the demons or forces of darkness and ignorance.

Wednesday, October 5, is called Vijayā Dashamī, the “Day of Victory” and Conclusion of Navarātri.


9:00 AM Fire Ceremony & Meditation
9:45 AM Devi Mantras with Translation
10:15 AM Sanskrit Chanting of the Devī Māhātmyam with Guru's Recordings

7:00 PM Fire Ceremony & Meditation
7:45 Chanting and Readings on the Theme of Devi

Programs are by Open Donation.

Further details to be announced.