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Meet Your Microbiome: An East Meets West Perspective with Bridgette Shea

Sat, Jun 25

10:30 AM -12:00 PM Eastern Time

Tuition: $40

Rescheduled to Fall 2022. Please stay tuned for new date!

This workshop is offered online via Zoom.

There is much fascinating information coming out daily about the human microbiome. We are just at the very beginning of seeing its importance for our mental and physical health as well as for utilization in future medical treatments. These treatments, like those in Ayurveda, take into account the individual’s personal constitution. Almost everything being discovered about the microbiome has its correspondences in the wisdom of Eastern medicine. In this class you will learn what the human microbiome is from the perspective of Western science and medicine, and how its existence and function has been recognized for thousands of years in traditional Eastern medicine. In Ayurveda, concepts like ritucharya, dinacharya, tridosha, agni and āma are related to the microbiome, and in Yoga, prāna and the koshas. In Chinese medicine, the mind and emotions or Wu Shen, the spleen qi and the mesentery are connected to the microbiome. Bridgette will explain how and will touch on the constitutional aspects present in diagnosing the health of what many researchers are calling a newly discovered organ.

Bridgette Jude Shea is a New York State licensed acupuncturist and ERYT-500 Yoga teacher. She is the owner of Ageless Acupuncture in Saratoga, NY, where she combines Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine with Yoga, Energy medicine and visualization practices. A practitioner and teacher of Yoga and the healing arts for over 25 years, Bridgette is the author of two books: Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda: An Integrated Practice of Ancient Healing Traditions, and Cultivating Your Microbiome: Chinese and Ayurvedic Practices for a Healthy Gut and a Clear Mind. Visit her website for more information.