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Mandala Making for Nonviolence with Paula Tepedino

Sun, Dec 29

3:00-5:00 PM

Suggested Donation $20

Participants will gather in a sacred circle to honor Gaia, Mother Earth, by creating a living prayer with beans, seeds and grains lovingly placed on a beautiful Italian white cloth. A pattern will emerge, the Mandala, revealing a unity of creative flow within the sacred circle of the group. Chanting the Vow of Ahimsa (Nonviolence), along with Vedic chants as part of a 108 Japa meditation, people gather their energies to experience deep joy:
“I take the vow of ahimsa. I make inner harmony my first priority. I take the vow of ahimsa in my thought, speech and actions.”
Paula’s teacher, Bri Ma Tiwari of Wise Earth Ayurveda, says of this practice (sadhana) that each of us “…holds the capacity to shimmer in the golden light as we are illuminated from within.”
The two-hour experience is steeped in the richness of a spiritual practice.

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