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Inner Nāda Yoga: A Workshop with Bill Francis Barry

photo of Bill Francis Barry
Sat, Oct 14


Tuition: $60 / members $50

Mystics and classical Yoga texts teach methods of attunement to spontaneous inner sounds at increasingly subtle layers of inner experience. Techniques of Inner Nāda Yoga can enable one to transform one's meditations and provide milestones for a progressive attunement to the primordial vibration of the universe. These practices can strengthen inner peace and expand the inner foundation of life.

Drawing from many yogic traditions, the workshop will include:
• Understanding the nature of inner nāda sounds
• Techniques for beginning and advanced practice
• Options for pratyāhāra, closing the external senses
• Several prāṇāyāma practices specific to beginning or advanced Nāda Yoga techniques
• Guidelines on prerequisite or adjunct practices
• Understanding Ṛtambharā Prajñā (Yoga Sūtras 1:48) as related to the path of Nāda Yoga

In addition, Bill will present a talk on “Nādam and other Inner Experiences” at 8:30PM (by donation).
Preceded by Ashram Meditation Program beginning at 7:00PM.

"Progressive attunement to the inner nāda, the inner mystical sounds, provides a subtle thread which will draw our awareness to the transcendental Divine Source."
- Bill Francis Barry