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​Sacred Painting: Create a Personal Mandala Based on Your Birthday with Mavis Gewant

Sat, Apr 06 to Sun, Apr 07

10:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Tuition for two days: $275

In this workshop you will experience a meditative painting practice called Wash Painting, using the ancient number grid of the Vedic square, to create your own personal mandala from your birth date. Shri Harish Johari’s unique Wash Painting technique is a multilayered approach using watercolor and gouache, allowing light to shine from within each transparent layer of the mandala. This transformative process of painting cultivates inner silence and attunes one with calming energy. One also experiences a sense of detachment, as the painting goes through many changes as it merges with the water.

When registering, please give your birth date and email address to receive specific information regarding your personal colors and a list of supplies to bring.

Mavis Gewant is a close student and disciple of the late Tantric artist and yogi, Shri Harish Johari. Dadaji, as he was fondly known, passed his knowledge on to Mavis and requested her to teach. A professional artist and popular teacher, Mavis has mastered the exquisite and sensitive Wash Painting technique taught by Dadaji. She has dedicated her life to inspiring others by sharing the benefits of this healing and transformative art form. Mavis is an international teacher taking groups to India. Her most recent tour involved visiting powerful temples and was called "Seats of Power."