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Cooking and Eating Workshop: Kitchari with Vidya Chapman *

Mon, Oct 25

5:00-6:00 PM Eastern Time

Tuition: $20

Fall is an opportune time to give the body and mind a simple reset. The three Ayurvedic doshas or fundamental energies -- Vāta, Pitta and Kapha -- which are always present in the atmosphere and in our physical bodies can lean a little more towards Vāta during this season. With its qualities of air and space, Vāta has more of a tendency to go out of balance at this time of the year.

Kitcharis, or kichadis, are used in Ayurveda as a primary way to give the body a warm, soothing, nutritious, easy to digest food without sacrificing strength and vitality. Rice and dal together is an excellent source of protein, and when combined with seasonal vegetables and aromatic spices becomes a balanced and healing meal: a kitchari (which means “mixture”). Join Vidya as she teaches how to cook this simple one-pot dish. She will explain the healing properties and answer questions as she guides you through each step, while providing an understanding of the different options available. Registrants will receive a short shopping list of ingredients and options.

The recipe used here originates from Ma Bhaskarananda of Ananda Ashram, who taught Vidya how to make dal.

This workshop is offered live via Zoom. Registrants will be sent a recording.

Vidya (Denise) Chapman is an Ayurvedic practitioner and professional member of NAMA. She is a graduate of Dr. Vasant Lad’s Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and of his Gurukula and Panchakarma Therapist programs in India. Vidya loves learning, yoga, Sanskrit, Jyotish, cooking, gardening, teaching and working with the sick and elderly. She has taught Ayurvedic principles and philosophy as well as Ayurvedic cooking at several yoga teacher trainings.