Calendar of Events

Ananda Ashram’s 58th Anniversary Celebration

Mon, Jul 04

11:00 AM-4:30 PM Eastern Time

Suggested Donation for in-person attendance: $30 or more / included for overnight guests.
Note that proof of vaccination is required.

Celebration Programs Streamed via Ananda Ashram Live on Facebook:

11:00 AM Chanting of Vedic Hymn with Bharati Devi
Fire Ceremony for Healing and World Peace with Kamala Netram

12:00 noon Reading from Guru’s Writings by Kiranavali Rollinger, President, YSNY
Brief Addresses by:
Scott Moss, Vice President, YSNY,
Founding Member Marvin Suval (via Zoom),
Yoga Society of New York Board Members,
Directors of Schools,
Others to be announced

Bhajans with Sudhir Parikh
Short Kirtan with Krishna Devi
2:00 PM Festive Lunch

3:30-4:30 PM Classical Indian (Devotional) Singing by Shrimati Kankana Banerjee.