Ananda Harvest

Come grow with us this 2015 season!

We invite you to participate in our 6-12 week Ongoing Garden Internship Program. You will participate in projects such as biodynamic gardening, woods work, landscaping, light construction or Ashram beautification.

This is considered a Full Volunteer Exchange of 5 hours per day or 30 hours per week, inclusive of campsite accommodations*, lacto-vegetarian and vegan meals and the ongoing Ashram core program (meditation, Vedanta studies, Hatha Yoga and Sanskrit classes as well as cultural events).

Please join us throughout this magical season and help keep our garden and programs growing strong. The opportunity is invaluable!

This year we look forward to:

  • Growing veggies, flowers & herbs for the Harvest
  • Developing and providing educational workshops for you to learn more about sustainable living and agriculture
  • Working with and caring for the resident honeybees.
  • * Note: The shower/bathroom facilities can be some distance from the campsites, so bring a flashlight and firm shoes.

    For more information, please contact