Calendar of Events

* Maha Shivaratri All Night Musical Celebration
with Ashram & Guest Artists

Maha Shivaratri
Fri, Feb 21 to Sat, Feb 22

Friday 8:00 PM until Saturday sunrise

Admission $25; included in overnight guest rate

This will be the 13th annual all-night Shivarātri concert organized by the East-West School of Music and Deepak Kumar, creative director.

Presented by outstanding artists offering both Eastern and Western classical, modern and devotional
music and dance, including:

Pandit S.N. Charka & Students - Kathak Dance
Krishna Devi - Kirtan
Joshua Geisler - Bansuri Flute
Saavitri Ramanand - Vocal, Carnatic Style
-- accompanied by Swetha Narasimhan - Violin, Murali Balachandran - Mrudangam, & others
Ira & Julia Levin - Vocal, Keyboard & Guitar
Amanda Porter - Vocal
Stav Goldberg - Piano
Dr. Noé Dinnerstein - Sitar
Liz Hogg - Classical Guitar
Tomek Regulski - Sitar

Preceded by Ashram Meditation Program beginning at 7:00 PM (by donation).