Regular Weekend Schedule

Fall/Winter 2018

The following programs are included in Ashram overnight
guest rates. -- Please scroll down --

4:30pm   Pranayama & Yoga Nidra
7:00pm   Yoga Class
7:30pm   Meditation & Fire Ceremony, Chanting
8:30pm   Lecture or Cultural Event when scheduled

7:00am   Gentle Yoga Class
9:00am   Meditation & Fire Ceremony
9:45am   Yoga-Vedanta Studies, Chanting
10:00am Chi Kung Class
11:00am Yoga Class
11:00am Open Sanskrit Class
3:00pm   Meditation
4:00pm   Yoga Class
7:30pm   Meditation & Fire Ceremony, Readings
8:30pm   Kirtan or Cultural Event when scheduled

7:00am   Gentle Yoga Class
9:00am   Meditation & Fire Ceremony
9:45am   Selected Mantras, Commentary
11:00am Open Sanskrit Class
11:00am Yoga Class
4:00pm   Self Inquiry Class
7:30pm   Meditation & Fire Ceremony, Readings
8:30pm   Kirtan

• For Saturday programs with Joan Suval, click here.

Meal Times: 8-9:00am Breakfast, 12:30-1:30pm Lunch,
5:30-6:30pm Dinner

Weekend Morning Programs with Bharati Devi (Sat) and Karuna Devi (Sun)
9:00am: Fire Ceremony & Meditation
Introducing passages from the Bhagavad Gītā, the Upanishads and other Vedāntic texts through chanting of the original Sanskrit, literal translation and commentary. Includes discussion of the timeless relevance of these teachings, bringing out their significance for Self-analysis.
In addition there may be readings from various spiritual sources.

Kirtan with Krishna Devi
Sundays 8:30-9:30pm
(Preceded by Meditation Program beginning at 7:30pm.)
With her Kirtan, Krishna Devi wants to convey a message of peace and healing through devotional sound waves. Active participation is welcome. You may bring your own instruments and contribute songs and kirtans.

Other Regular Weekend Programs

Saturdays 11:00am-12:00pm Tai Chi Kung Fu with Sifu Ken Lo (Additional Tuition: $15)
Exploring the full range of movement and energy while balancing yin-yang. This class develops refined skill (Kung Fu) in a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.

Saturdays 2:30-3:30pm Improv Comedy Workshop with Stuart Draper (Additional Tuition: $10)
Exercises focusing on clearing one's mind and fostering a group consciousness. "To do great improv one must get out of one's own head and let a scene organically develop."

Saturdays 3:00-3:30pm Guided Witnessing Process
This meditative session uses the recording by Joan Suval, "Witnessing from Second to Second." All levels are welcome.

Sundays 4:00-5:00pm Self Inquiry: "Who Am I?" with Yehnemsah Oneha
Coming together to focus on the practice of Self Inquiry by turning attention back to the Source. Included are insights by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, Ramana Maharshi and Sri Mooji.